STORY 2 - Diverse ingredients open the world of shochu

Each brand of Honkaku shochu has its own flavour, its own story. Different types of water or koji bring out different tastes. Shochu is crafted based on the climate and land of each Japanese region, meaning that each and every brewery has a unique flavor.

One might also say that the variety of ingredients evokes the unique values of Honkaku shochu. In addition to the well known potato, wheat, rice, brown sugar, and sake lees, a total of 49 different ingredients are recognized for Honkaku shochu brewing, including ryokucha, sesame, and perilla.

In order to allow these ingredients to speak, no sugar is added; this stoic spirit contains no additives at all. Honkaku shochu cannot be thought of with global standards; it is the most delicate spirit in the world.