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Service name  < Official > Kagoshima Honkaku Shochu EC site (Kagoshima Shochu association)

Operator name  id10 japan corporation

Person in charge  Katsunari Sawada / id10 japan corporation

Address  1-5-10 #405, Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 153-0051
6-3-35, Imaike-cho, Sakei-shi, Osaka, Japan, 590-0018

Inquiry  +81-3-5773-8330  Inquiry form

homepage address https://kagoshimahonkakushochu.com/en

Product prices and services Price to display on details page and payment page of each product / service

Necessary rates other than goods and services We will bear the price to be displayed on the settlement page for the delivery fee of the delivery fee (export procedure, shipping fee, packaging fee, insurance fee etc.) and taxes. In addition, we need to pay a separate expense on the communication of Internet connection charges and other telecommunications lines.

Payment Method Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay

Payment time Payment is confirmed when ordering products and services.

Delivery time of goods and services It varies depending on the consensing country and shipping status, order quantity, and orders.

Refund / Cancel
[Defective product] If there is a stock of the same item, we will exchange it with good products. If there is no stock of the same item, we will refund it after returning goods.

[Returns deadline] It is within 7 days from the product arrival date.
[Return] Defective product exchange, misprotection exchange exchange will be borne by our company. In addition, we can not respond to returned goods / exchange in customer convenience except for defective products such as damage or misalignment.